Fire apparatus in the parking lot at Station 271 with "Elizabeth Fire Protection District" overlaid on top. (Photo taken by Ethan Dunlop)

Photo credit to Ethan Dunlop

We're Happy You're Here!

The Elizabeth Fire Protection District is a public service organization dedicated to serving the citizens of the Elizabeth Fire Protection District. We, as an organization, value the input and opinions of our stakeholders. We always enjoy hearing positive experiences about our staff and members. We also realize the need to allow our customers to contact us when they have had a negative experience or need to make us aware of fire hazards or other safety-related concerns. We strive to improve our service to our community whenever possible. Whether your experience with us is positive or negative, we want to know.



911 Phone Service Recommendation

Do you know who pays for the 911 phone service?

Phone companies charge a surcharge as a part of your phone bill, both cell and landline, in order to keep emergency communications funded and operational. These surcharges are location specific.

If you have recently moved to Elbert County, we suggest taking a look at your cell phone bill to ensure your information has been updated to reflect your current billing address. If it has not, your payments are being used to fund emergency operations in another location. Help your local 911 authority by ensuring this information is updated!