Part-Time Paramedics and Paramedic-Firefighters

Firefighters taking a patient to a helicopter with the caption "Part-Time Paramedics & Paramedic-Firefighters"

Part-Time Paramedic/Paramedic-Firefighter Position Description


Position Title: Paramedic/Firefighter

Employment Status: At-Will

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Hours: Part-Time

Annual Salary: PT $24/hr FF/EMT-P or PT $22/hr EMT-P

The Elizabeth Fire Protection District is seeking applications for the position of a Part-Time Paramedic/Firefighter. The job qualifications and position summary are listed in the current Job Description which is available on request. Elizabeth Fire Protection District is a progressive organization that values its members and employees. This beautiful area is quickly growing and is expected to double in population over the next two decades. Competitive wages and exceptional benefits are a priority when planning for this growth. We currently respond to 1300 calls for service annually and provide ALS ambulance transport. EFPD is a family-oriented organization.

All candidates must have a Valid Colorado EMT-P Certification. Any candidates for a Paramedic/Firefighter position must also have a Current Firefighter I certificate. Candidates who only possess their EMT-P Certification can still apply for a single-role Paramedic position. A successful candidate must obtain and maintain a valid C-PAT or E-PAT (Elizabeth Physical Ability Test) certification.

To apply, submit an application, resume, certification, and cover letter through our website. If you have any question, please contact our Director of Finance and Human Resources Sarah Fischer at s.fischer@elizabethfire.org

If the District extends an offer of employment to a candidate, the offer is expressly conditioned upon the individual passing the following:

  • Background Investigation, including criminal history
  • Medical Examination
  • Illegal Drug/Alcohol Testing

The District has the right to change the Job Description at any time, in its sole discretion. The position is "at-will," which means the District or the employee may terminate the employment relationship at any time and for no reason. The District has the right in its sole discretion not to hire any of the candidates on the hiring list. The District's preference is to hire qualified individuals from within its volunteer, reserve, and active retiree programs whenever possible; however, the District has the right to hire qualified individuals from outside the District when, in its sole judgment and discretion, there are no qualified applicants within the District and/or it is in the best interest of the District to hire from outside the District.


Part-Time Paramedic/Paramedic-Firefighter Application

Click Here to apply as a Part-Time Paramedic/Paramedic-Firefighter

Frequently Asked Questions


How often am I required to work as a part-time member?

Part-time employees are required to work at least two 24-hour shifts per month. They can work up to 1600 hours a year. Part-time employees are also required to complete a minimum of 36 hours of training a year.

I don't have my fire certifications. Can I still apply to be a part-time employee?

Yes, the District hires single-role paramedics for part-time positions. However, we strongly recommend you get your fire certifications! We usually offer an Academy once a year where you can obtain you fire certifications.

Will I be assigned to a shift as a part-time employee?

No, part-time employees are not assigned to any shift. You will be assigned to a training group belonging to one of our shifts, but you will be permitted to work any shift as your availability and our scheduling permits.

Who will be my direct supervisor as a part-time employee?

Part-time employees will submit their availability for the next month to the EMS Battalion Chief at the end of each month, who will schedule shifts where staffing is needed. While on duty, part-time employees will work under the supervision of the on-duty Lieutenant, as with any other full-time employee or reserve volunteer.

What if I already work full-time/part-time or volunteer with another fire department?

An applicant affiliated with another fire department or fire district either as an employee or volunteer must include with his/her application a letter from the Fire Chief of the fire department or fire district authorizing his/her participation in the District's Part-Time program.