Reserve Firefighter Program

Reserve firefighters posing in front of a car during an extrication training

Reserve Firefighter Program Process

Reserve Program Process steps

The above graphic explains the process an individual will follow if accepted to the Reserve Program:

  1. Applicant: An applicant is someone who has submitted an application and is in the Reserve Program hiring process.*
  2. Candidate: A candidate is someone who has been accepted as a member of the Reserve Program and is in the process of working towards achieving the required certifications.
  3. Probationary Firefighter: A probationary firefighter is a candidate who is in the process of completing their probationary handbook.
  4. Reserve Firefighter: A reserve firefighter is a member who has completed their probationary handbook and has achieved all the required certifications. This individual is eligible for a stipend, conditional upon meeting their hourly requirements every month.

*If an applicant is accepted into the Reserve program and already has all the required certifications, they may skip from Step 1 to Step 3.


Reserve Firefighter Program Application

Click Here to apply to the Reserve Firefighter Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Is a Reserve Program position a paid position?

No, all Reserve Program positions are volunteer positions. An individual participating in the program may be eligible for a stipend, conditional upon meeting all requirements, including hourly requirements for the month.

What is the time commitment for being a part of the Reserve Program?

Every Reserve will be assigned to a shift (A-, B-, or C-Shift) and will be required to work a minimum of 36 hours per month on their assigned shift days (shifts are scheduled in 12-hour blocks). Reserves will also be required to log 36 hours of training per year. 

Do I need to live within the boundaries of the Elizabeth Fire Protection District in order to apply to the Reserve Program?

No, we accept candidates from out-of-district.

Am I required to get my certifications before I apply?

You are not required to have any certifications before applying to the Reserve Program. We strongly recommend you obtain your CPR certification before applying.

Will I get the opportunity to participate in an Academy?

Yes, EFPD puts on one Academy per year, usually from a March to July timeframe. Reserves participating in the Academy will get the opportunity to acquire their Firefighter I and Hazardous Materials Awareness/Operations certifications. 

EFPD does not offer an in-house Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program.