Staff Reports

June 2024 Staff Report

Photo of academy recruits during extrication training

Photo of academy recruits during extrication training

Fire Chief's Report


Calls for Service Analysis

As of the report date, we are on call 655 for the year. We are currently averaging 4.1 calls per day with an annual pace of 1488.


Thank you card to Chief Steck from Legacy Academy

Photo of thank you card to Chief Steck from Legacy Academy

Thank you card from Running Creek Preschool

Photo of thank you card from Running Creek Preschool

Thank you card from a family member of a patient

Photo of thank you card from a family member of a patient


Due to the recent staffing changes and part-time availability, we weren’t able to meet our goal of 80% staffing at Station 272. June is looking to be better. We have added a couple more part-time paramedics and continue to train our members to meet those staffing goals.



  • We are very close to choosing a security vendor for our cameras and access control. We anticipate starting this project very soon. The bids we have reviewed include 5 access controlled doors with user definitions and camera monitoring at all stations. The product we are leaning towards will include remote locking access for the admin office in case we have a need to secure the building. 

Administrative Office

  • Our door and windows have been ordered and are awaiting install schedules. 
  • We are currently having the fiber internet installed at 271 and admin. We hope to move over to Maverix Fiber in the next 2 weeks. This project will save money and provide faster speeds. 

Station 271

  • Our BC Bay door is scheduled to be replaced soon and we will need to work on getting the door painted. This replacement is being covered by insurance and won’t come out of our operating fund. 

Station 273

  • We may have an opportunity to get some of our asphalt resurfaced at 273 while the County resurfaces County Road 166 this summer. We talked with the County, and they are going to connect us with the contractor. This could potentially mean a significant savings for our project. 
  • The septic project will need to move forward with or without the DOLA grant but we are good to wait until the June notification. We are currently sitting at $25,000 for this project but DOLA will pay 50% if we get it. 


We were able to get the new UTV delivered before the Stampede Rodeo. This is great news as it provides reliable transportation for the EMS crews on the grounds. The UTV is now outfitted with emergency lighting and decals. It will be available for inspection at the board meeting.

ELCO Fire Chiefs

The Chiefs backed out on the letter to the county, so we will just continue as we are for now.

Strategic Planning

As discussed last month, the updated SWOC analysis was presented to Command Staff and finalized at last month’s Command Staff meeting. This month, we have 3 shift meetings scheduled to brainstorm short- and long-term goals for the department based on the updated SWOC analysis. These meetings will be structured so that the crews can break off into groups, brainstorm together, and present their ideas to the other groups. Chief Gerczynski and Taylor will be present to facilitate discussion. We got off to a bit of a slow start getting this project off the ground, but it’s really starting to pick up now, and we’re excited to be getting so much crew input into the decision making of the future.

Community Leaders and Area Managers (CLAMS)

Our last CLAMS meeting was productive. We shared concerns about property tax initiatives and discussed how to collaborate to reduce costs. We agreed that we should plan to partner in a fuel station that allows us to lower fuel costs and make fueling of our fleet more reliable. Humans are incapable of walking in a straight line without looking at something.


It is nice to not report on this section, but we should continue to watch out for the upcoming ballot initiatives in November. Initiative 50 and 108 will continue to limit property tax assessments and limit the amount of growth an agency can have regardless of growth-related impacts. 

In a nutshell: 

Initiative 50 limits the statewide property tax growth. If growth increases by more than 4%, voter approval would be needed for a local government to retain those funds. This is a very confusing and broad initiative and early polls are leaning toward a no vote.

Initiative 108 lowers the RAR to 5.7% and the non-residential lowers to 24%. This results in an 18% drop in statewide revenue and local government (3 billion).


  • EMTS Grant: Our next round of hearings will be in May. Chief Mackall applied for a new ambulance in this cycle, which will be a very positive impact to our operations. We are waiting to hear the results. 
  • Google: We are starting on Round 2 of the funding and will be implementing additional training, mitigation, and PPE funding for rural departments. 
  • DOLA – Energy Impact: As stated above, I changed direction on the DOLA Energy Impact Grant and will be asking for a micro grant to repair/replace septic and sewer systems at 271 and 273. This grant has been submitted and we are awaiting approval. 
  • Congressionally Directed Spending: I finally got some correspondence from Senator Hickenlooper’s office. They indicated that we are still in the running for this funding, which would purchase a new Type III engine. We were advised that the process could be delayed because, well, Congress. 
  • Firehouse Subs: We received the funding for this grant and have placed orders for new rescue equipment. It is currently being received and should be in service on schedule. 
  • DFPC Direct Funding Grant: Congrats to Chief Carnesi on his funding for our Peer Support training program. DFPC funded $1000 toward training our support members. 
  • SIPA Accessibility Grant: This grant was submitted to the Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority by Taylor and received on April 4th. There is no money involved with this grant, but it provides us with access to the CommonLook Suite software, which assists with creating and remediating PDF documents for accessibility. Taylor has been working on getting trained in the use of this software in order to provide more accessible PDF documents.

Division Chief



  • We met with the CSFS about the grant for this year. They are choosing 2-3 properties in Saddlewood, Gambel Oaks, and Bonnie Ridge to perform mitigation assessments on, and then we are going to have a mitigation educational day on July 20th in each of those neighborhoods. Additionally, we will host a meeting about the grant for those communities on August 14th. Ryan has done a great job getting this together and Erin has focused her educational messaging around this as well. 
  • This month there have been meetings on the various events that happen in our community. We have had many meetings with the Stampede to line out the permit and requirements for the events. The Rasmussen Gathering has also submitted their annual permit, and we will be conducting inspections in the middle of June. The Patch has applied for the Special Use Review for their pumpkin patch and other activities they would like to provide throughout the year. All events have been great to work with and have been complying with the fire department requirements. 
Facebook post of educational safety message

Photo of Facebook post of educational safety message

Fire and Life Safety Education (Erin Loeks)

  • We had 2 car seat installation/education this month. We seem to be very steady with these, always a few per month. 
  • The Girl Scouts visited the Station 271 for a station tour. They chose Elizabeth Fire for their hometown heroes and brought lots of cookies. 
  • I have been meeting with Kim Spuhler (CRR Unit Chief) and working on our Community Risk Assessment. A community risk assessment helps communities identify prioritize local risks, and then develop strategies to reduce their impact. We are in the data collection stage and will be putting out a survey to our community as well. It is a big project, but I am hoping to have it done by the end of the year. 
  • We had our first of two fire extinguisher events. It was very successful. We did not even sit down for the first two hours! The local businesses and community came to support it and were very grateful that we offered this service. 
  • Crews read to the Preschools for the last time the school year. SHE surprised the Crew with a pizza party!
Crews reading to the preschoolers

Photo of crews reading to the preschoolers

Crews during the SHE Field Day

Photo of crews during the SHE Field Day

Pre-Application Meetings

Photo of Pre-Application Meetings

Finance & Human Resources


  • On May 1st, we set up a table at Elizabeth High School to recruit for new reserves. We felt it went well. We didn’t get any new applicants, but the students did interact well with us. We are planning to do the same thing in the 2024-25 school year.
  • We have started reviewing the Fire Chief Job Description. I am planning on having this completed by the July board meeting. We will continue to review and update more of our job descriptions before the hiring list process later in the year.
  • I am still waiting for the state of Colorado to reimburse us for the grant they gave us for 4 prams that are in the medics.
  • FPPA came out at the end of May to visit with full-time members to go over their balances and options. They do this every other year. 

EMS collection for May $43,086.41

Development and Impact Fees: 

Zone 1 $466,136.96

Zone 2 $15,545.15

Zone 3 $18,416.05

Gift Agreement $231,500.00

Infrastructure Fund $96,330.00

Battalion Chief of Operations


  • Elizabeth Stampede is upon us. The operations plan is complete and has been distributed to all members. We have a couple of changes in the way we are operating this year. OEM will be staffing a comms center in the pavilion for all on-grounds communications, and we will have an Incident Commander on scene during all rodeo and high occupancy hours. This will be a unified command effort with the Sheriff’s Office. Like I said, this is a little different than what we have done in the past, but it should be much simpler. Right after this weekend is over, I will be working on the Rasmussen Gathering plan as well.
  • We are still waiting for PMs and scheduled repairs on our Engines. I have had to delay these apparatus from going into fleet during the Stampede weekend and the fire academy. We will resume PMs after that. 
  • We have ordered and received an EV fire blanket. We are currently carrying it on the Battalion, so it is dispatched to all car fires in the district. These blankets are not designed to completely extinguish a fire, but I think predominantly they will be a very useful tactic for controlling those fires and exposure protection, especially in areas that we have a limited water supply. 
  • We have commitment from six of our line members that will be on our Tech Rescue team. All of these members have committed to a minimum of once a quarter trainings to maintain skills, and to bring these skills back to our crews. My goal is to establish a team that has the necessary resources and is capable, at a minimum, of performing a safe and quick rescue if the scene warrants or be able to establish a scene that is safe and prepared to get right to work with mutual aid teams when the capabilities are beyond our manpower and resources. We did receive a large order of new rope rescue gear from the Firehouse Subs grant. Lt. Einarsen has completed an inventory of that equipment, and it is ready for service.
  • CAD-to-CAD is still moving forward but is delayed until around late July the last I have heard. We are still in good shape with very little input needed to CAD from me to be ready. 
  • I had a meeting last month with Franktown Fire to discuss mutual aid calls and the need to maintain staffing in our district. I have asked for some changes to Franktown station orders to help with this problem, but I also have a couple of other options to ensure we maintain staffing in our district if Franktown can’t make the changes. I will keep monitoring this to see how it progresses.
  • I am very happy to be back at work, even if it’s light duty! I will be working the day half of my normal shifts and providing training to the acting BCs during those times. So far, I have had four days with acting BCs, and I’m excited about the involvement they have shown. I will be in the office a couple of additional days during the week to keep up with my hours and tasks.

Battalion Chief of Training


Not a whole lot of new business with the Training Division....

  • We are in the home stretch for the Academy. In June, they will finish all instruction, as well as take their Live Fire and JPR practicals. The written test is scheduled for July 11.
  • We continue to have a low pass rate for Haz-Mat Awareness and Ops. I'll be talking to DFPC in mid-June to discuss the overall pass/fail percentages across the State. We can't be the only ones having this issue, and it might be time to speak up and address the written test bank with that committee.
  • I started doing BC Drills in late May. I was able to get it completed on A-Shift. B-Shift started running calls halfway through, and C-shift started running calls before we could begin. Being able to complete these drills while crews are in service is going to get more and more difficult. I'll work with the other BCs to come up with ideas on what we can do to accommodate these trainings.
  • The FFI/FFII JPR Review Committee was supposed to meet in May, but it's been pushed back until mid-June. 
  • The SCBA compressor has needed some maintenance this year. I believe it has been here as long as I have, so Lt. Regan, STO Tyler, and I will start looking into replacing it in the next couple of years. 
  • STO Tyler was able to pick up 3 vehicles for extrication training at Station 271.
Academy recruits during extrication training
Academy recruits during extrication training
Academy recruits during extrication training

Photos of academy recruits during extrication training

Battalion Chief of EMS


  • We received the clinical contract from UC Health to allow their students to complete their field internships with us. It was reviewed by legal and resubmitted with some minor changes, and is now being reviewed by UC Health. I’m waiting to hear back from them if the changes are accepted. This would be a great opportunity for our recruitment efforts. 
  • A reminder: the department has budgeted funds to send interested members to paramedic school. If anyone is interested, please contact me or ETO Gamboa for more information. 
  • I received notification from John Mason that he will be retiring in November this year. John has been our EMS educator/coordinator from Advent health for the past 10 years and has been instrumental in many of our programs; he will be missed. I’m unsure of who will be taking his place but I’m working closely with John and Dave Sanko to make sure it’s a good fit for our agency. 
  • Dwayne Smith, the County Public Health Director, has resigned for another position outside of the county. We had a great working relationship with Dwayne, and I hope to develop the same relationship with his replacement, who hasn’t been named yet. 
  • Stampede preparations are underway. We will not be providing an ambulance this year but will be supporting the event with roving EMS teams to provide onsite BLS treatment, and triage the need for an ambulance response. These teams will be composed of Elizabeth, Kiowa, and Rattlesnake fire personnel. 

EMS Calls (excluding "no patient"):

  • May 2023 = 62 (47 Transports/76%)
  • May 2024 = 78 (53 Transports/68%)
Crews filming a safety message

Photo of crews filming a safety message

Department Shoutouts



“Shoutout to Nate Einarsen for doing a great job answering questions during reserve interviews.”

“Shoutout to Colt Tyler and Shane Johnson for all their help on organizing the tech rescue equipment.”

“I'd love to give a shout out to Colt! He went up to U Pull N Pay and got some cars for us to train on. Colt is always willing to go that extra mile for the department, especially if it means all our shifts will be able to train more efficiently!”

Cars brought by Colt Tyler for use during department training

Photo of cars brought by Colt Tyler for use during department training