Request a Burn Permit

Burn Permit Rules

As a citizen of Elbert County, you should adhere to all regulations and requirements asked of the Elizabeth Fire Protection District. Get a permit before you burn. It's fast, easy, and it's the law.

Burn Permit Form

Filling this form out does not approve your open fire permit. You will need to be contacted by one of our staff. Please contact the Elizabeth Fire Protection District with any questions concerning this application.

  • An open burn, recreational fire, (except approved devices) or bonfire cannot be conducted within the Elizabeth Fire Protection District (EFPD) without a current written burn permit.
  • A burn permit can be revoked at any time by any EFPD member, for any reason.
  • The Permittee must own the site or have legal access and be at least 18 years of age.
  • Request a burn permit by contacting EFPD via phone at 303-646-3800.
  • Unless fire danger conditions are likely to change, Permittee is not required to contact the District prior to burning on an approved day written on the burn permit.
  • A permittee shall conduct a controlled burn in the approved areas or incinerators only.
  • The Permittee shall extinguish the burn immediately if any of the following situations occur:
  • Neighbors complain regarding the smell of smoke travel off the Permittee property.
  • Winds begin to be too strong or gusty. Permittee can no longer monitor the burn.
  • The Permittee is instructed to do so by any EFPD personnel.
  • A permittee shall monitor burn at all times until the fire is extinguished.
  • The Permittee shall provide the minimum of a charged garden hose, fire- extinguisher, or on-site fire-extinguishing equipment, such as dirt, sand, and water barrel shall be available for immediate utilization.
  • A permittee shall maintain adequate means of access and sufficient means of communication to EFPD in case of emergency.
  • The Permittee shall burn fibrous, non-treated wood products in a single pile.
  • Permittee can call the District to request "Re-issue" of a burn permit issued in the previous 60 days; Permittee must provide burn permit number and date the burn permit was initially released.
  • A permit issued more than 60 days prior may require a new site inspection and permit issued at the discretion of the Chief or Chief's designee.

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